Peggy's  Gallery




These two pieces of fabric were stitched to a mat board underneath both fabrics.  Then they were framed in a shadow box with triple mats. 
Fabric pieces framed
Small Quilt
Old Civil War Bills
Circular Emblem
Grandchildren Photos
Lighthouse Framing








Small Hanging Quilt

Quilt was stitched to a large piece of mat board and framed it in a shadow box.




Small Jersey 

Jersey was stitched to a mat board and framed in a shadow box.







Old Early American Bills

Framed in a double mat.








Circular Emblem

This paper emblem was framed with a decorative mat.  A triangle was cut out of the four corners of the mat and the blue under mat showed through.








Grandchildren Photos

There are multiple windows cut into one piece of mat and then framed within one frame.









Lighthouse Framing

The lighthouse was double matted and a key hole window was cut out at the bottom of the mat to display the title.