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Jeni's Bouquet
Marla's Bouquet
Laura's Bouquet
Sanae's Bouquet
Dana's Bouquet
Jenn's Bouquet
Katie & Elliot's Bouquet

Peggy's love of flowers and painting bridal bouquets is evident on this page.  She also loves to garden and maintains a beautiful rose garden.   Her daughter asked her to paint her sorority sister's bridal bouquet 15 years ago and Peggy has been painting bouquets ever since.   


Isabella's Bouquet
Amy's Bouquet
Autumn's Bouquet
Jeni's Flower Girl Bouquet

Bridal bouquets can be painted at the time of a wedding or given as a gift for an anniversary.

Note some of the unique stem wraps on some of these bouquets.
Hillary's Bouquet
Heather's Bouquet
Oana's Bouquet
Julie's Bouquet